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Date: 07/30/1997 02:54:11
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That's OK, but don't let that healthy skepticism keep you from 
discovering what this information is and from making an intelligent 
decision once you know what it's all about!

Your water is killing you!!!

The American Heart Association indicates that water softened with 
salt may cause an elevated sodium level, which has been linked to 
a variety of other health problems, including high blood pressure, 
water retention, gall bladder disease and goiters ect. ect.

What is your alternative?

Magnetic Water conditioning will give you softer water without 
unhealthy salt found in many other systems and is maintenance free.
Soft, acid free water feels, tastes, and cleans better than hard 

Buildings in the U.S that have Magnetic Water Conditioning Systems

Trump Tower, New York City, Flamingo Hotel,  Las Vegas, Nevada
Daniel Corporation, Pepsi Cola - Bottle Washers, Kodak - Film Processing                           
Coca-Cola - Bottle Washers, AT&T - Western Electric                           
Desert Inn - Las Vegas, Nevada, Texaco Oil / Shell Oil / Richfield Oil            
Safeway Stores, Arizona, City of Scottsdale, Arizona                       
University of Utah, Honeywell, Hollywood YMCA
University of Michigan, Toro Corporation
Summa Corporation, Sheraton - Swimming Pools
Hughes Tool Company, Starmount Company / Forum VI
Nevada Nuclear Test Site, Miami Bayside
Ford Motors - Process Water, Piedmont Mall
Holiday Inn - Icemakers, Bantam Books - Process Printing
Nellis Air Force Base, Excel Meat Packing Plant
Sands Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada, Allied Signal Aerospace
My House :-)

Reduced Initial Cost and No Ongoing Costs!!
You pay only a fraction of what traditional water softeners cost 
and unlike traditional water softeners, 
Our Magnetic Water Conditioning System requires no salt, no 
electricity, no extra water and reduces the amount of soaps and 
detergents used.

Products of the future that will save you money and problems TODAY!!
Perfect for homeowners, renters, or condo owners!!

Magnetic fluid conditioning devices that put the full power of magneto-hydrodynamics to work for you. The product is a super high-powered ceramic magnet (s), originally developed by the U.S. government for NASA's Space Program---ultra-powerful magnets that don't wear out or require outside power.

Magnetic Water Conditioning?  Why havenít  you heard of this before?? 
No operating costs, Never another expense for the system, no 
maintenance!!  could be the answer...
Install one time and enjoy, cleaner, softer water with all the 
minerals!! Forever!!
Would you like Sparkling Fresh Water, better tasting water, clear 
ice and clean pipes? Moveing? Just unclamp the units and take them 
with you.

Our Magnetic Water Conditioning System has several cost, health and 
environmental advantages over water softeners that use salt. The M. W. C. System does not pollute with salt or chemicals, You get fresher, cleaner-feeling water. No slippery feeling when showering. Hair has more luster. Unsightly water spots on dishes, glasses, and even cars and trucks are greatly reduced. Clothes last longer. Swimming pools and spas stay clean and crystal clear with fewer amounts of chlorineís, clarifiers and purifiers. 
M. W. C. System offer a healthier alternative because they add no 
salt, and leave the minerals in the water that are essential to 
human health. Even plants and grass respond to magnetically 
conditioned water by growing faster and healthier.

Improved Water Flow!!  Prevents minerals from precipitating on the 
inside of pipes and other surfaces in the form of hard scale, and 
will not corrode pipes, water heaters, and other fixtures. Resulting 
in Increased Water Heater and Appliance Efficiency. In fact the 
Magnetic Water  Conditioning System actually removes scale build-ups 
that can drastically reduce efficiency of water heaters and certain 
other appliances. Clearly a more complete and efficient solution 
than traditional water softeners. Pays for itself quickly by what 
it saves in energy dollars. It also extends the life of plumbing 
fixtures, while reducing maintenance expenses and repair costs due 
to scale build-up.

Save an average of $197 per year on water conditioning. Since 
magnetic water conditioning does not use potentially harmful 
chemicals, there are no environmental or health hazards. 
Net 10 Year Savings: $1,930 

Commercial units are available,
$399.95... Sale priced at $299.00 (plus $16.00 s / h anywhere in 
the U.S. or Canada) Installs in minutes, no tools necessary!!(Sorry 
System includes separate units, two (2) for cold water in line and 
two (2) for the hot water out. 
(90 day no risk money back guarantee!!)

E-mail for details on how to order. 

What is your alternative?  

(Traditional Water Softener)
$1,500Cost for the Average Home, Removes Necessary Minerals that are a necessary to your good health!!
Unsafe Heart or Hypertension , Uses Salt, Chemicals, Electricity, Has Sodium Toxic Residue in Water
Installation Requires a Plumber, Expensive Maintenance, Being Banned in Many Cities, Fouling the Fresh Water Table, Donít forget you get to carry 80 lb. Bags  of salt.

E-mail for details on how to order.