Subject: Re: IP v6
To: None <>
From: Kevin M. Lahey <>
List: current-users
Date: 07/27/1997 21:34:49
In message <>, writes:
>short question:
>Are there any plans for incorporating IPv6 code into -current?

Beats me.  :-)

>I know there are at least two implementations for IPv6 on NetBSD
>(NASA & INRIA ??? - both for SUN and Intel architecture only)
>based on NetBSD 1.2.
>Is anybody using these or even incorporated the changes into -current?
>Has anybody code pieces for other architectures (I am using pmax)?

Actually, I think there are three, and none of them come from us (NASA), :-(
although Fred Templin did port the NRL stack to the Alphas. 
Inria, NRL, and UNH all have IPv6 stacks for NetBSD 1.2.  Inria works
on Sun, and, with minor tweaking, on i386.  It is almost all MI.
NRL, if I recall, runs on i386 and Sun.  It should be similarly pretty
easy to get running on pmax.  UNH runs on Alphas -- I think
it is based on the Inria code, but I haven't used it yet, so
I don't have much of clue about how hard it would be to get

I actually would have put the pmax tweaks into the NRL or Inria code
for my DECstation 3100 at home, but the compile times were so amazingly 
huge that I could never get up any enthusiasm for rebuilding... 1/2 :-)

I managed to do a half-assed job of porting Inria up to -current in
March by replacing all of sys/net and sys/netinet with the 1.2 + Inria
code and tweaking some of the socket interface stuff in sys/kern/uipc*.c.
It wasn't that hard, but it also wasn't particularly fun.  Hopefully,
1.3 will be out soon and everybody will port up to it...