Subject: Re: Changelog -> mailinglist?
To: Johan Danielsson <>
From: John F. Woods <>
List: current-users
Date: 07/18/1997 19:36:04
> > Uhh... this is what the source-changes mailing list is for...
> Would it be possible to add some kind of more intelligent subject to
> the source-changes mail? `NetBSD master CVS tree commits' does not say
> very much. How about sticking the common prefix of all check-ins to
> the subject.

Often there isn't a common prefix; source-changes mail seems to be batched
"every once in a while", though I haven't been able to figure out how often.
One thing that might be good would be to have a source-changes-daily list
which only sends out one message a day, instead of a few to a dozen (in
addition to the regular list, that is).  It could perhaps run just before
(or as part of?) the daily sup-archive CVS update.