Subject: "random" hangs on amiga-current system?
To: None <current-users@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Thorsten Frueauf <>
List: current-users
Date: 07/15/1997 18:08:19

I know this report is kinda vage - thats why I did not send-pr it yet.
Mainly I don't know how to track it down exactly to what it is causing,
but here are the symtoms:

My Amiga 3000 (with CS MKII, Picasso II, Ariadne) did run very stable
with kernels before 1.7.1997. Since then I have random hangings with the
machine - it just freezes and does not react to anything but reset.

I use it as nfs server for my hp300 (both building current from the
same tree) and it ipnats the hp300 and my laptop.

So since 1.7.97 serveral things changed - what comes to my "maybe-causing-it"
list is:
 - new ipfilter package
 - vm lock changes
 - aucc integration (although I had those hangs also with a kernel where it
                     was disabled)
 - some nfs changes

So far there are the followong last (to me obvious) actions before the
hanging occured:
  - I used seyon to log in to my slip account - rlogin to a campus
    machine - asking password -> machine hangs (not everytime I try though).
  - I have a xterm running which is remote logged in on my hp300 - su to
    root - asking password -> machine (amiga) hangs (not everytime I try though)  - logging in remotly on my laptop -> asking pasword -> machine (amiga) hangs
    (also not everytime I try)

The funny thing is - I can run the amiga & hp300 for hours just building world
- nothing happens at all - but if I try something like the above - I get the
machine to freeze.

So is anyone seeing this bahavoiour too? My hp300 or my laptop (i386) did
not hang at all - just the amiga does on random times - sometimes running
hours ok, sometimes very quick (logging in via slip/modem is unfortunatly
a damn fast method to get it freeze :-().

So I tend to blame the ipfilter or some other network stuff for it - but
how to be sure?

Everytime I reboot after the hanging I get no crashdump - I already compiled
the kernel with DEBUG.

Is there any way to force a crash dump on a frozen system?

Thanx for any help/suggestion/feedback in advance!