Subject: Re: Errors (-current newbie)
To: None <>
From: Mike Long <>
List: current-users
Date: 07/07/1997 18:38:22
>From: "Tomas T. Peiser, CET" <>
>Date: Thu, 3 Jul 1997 22:33:29 +0000
>I ftp'd the latest -current sources this morning and I have been 
>trying to get the last of my errors sorting out.
>If I do a make build in /usr/src I get a,
>(cd /usr/src/share/mk && make install)
>make: I don't know how to make .MADE. Stop
>*** Error code 2

# cd src/usr.bin/make; make cleandir && make depend && make && make install

>Also, when I tried to build a kernel I got the following lines 
>produced syntax errors when doing a `config system`
>file-system 	FFS		# UFS
>file-system 	PROCFS		# /proc
>file-system 	UNION		# union file system
>config	netbsd	root on sd0a type ffs swap on sd2b
>I have included the config file if it is of any use.

1) # cd src/usr.sbin/config; make cleandir && get the idea.
2) in your kernel config file nuke the 'swap on sd2b' text.
3) config and build your kernel
4) while you wait for your kernel to build, add the following line to
   your /etc/fstab:

/dev/sd2b	none	swap	sw	0 0

5) reboot.
Mike Long <>      
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