Subject: Re: True 64bit OS ?
To: Warner Losh <>
From: Matt Thomas <>
List: current-users
Date: 07/07/1997 18:34:52
At 03:50 PM 7/7/97 -0600, Warner Losh wrote:
>In message <> Matthew Jacob writes:
>: Au contraire. There are many 32 bit implementations on 64 bit
>: architectures- Windows/NW on the Alpha, for one.
>Also the first release of OSF/1 was 32 bit as well as the first
>release of VMS on the Alpha.

The first release of DEC OSF/1 (aka Tin aka 1.0) was 32 bit but then it
ran on DEC's MIPS based systems so that isn't surprising.

The first release of DEC OSF/1 for Alpha (aka Silver aka 2.0) was a 
64 bit O/S (aside from lingering 32 bit bugs).  It was not a 32 bit

VMS (until 7.0) was limited to 32 bit addressing.
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