Subject: Problems with src/sys/arch/vax/boot/Makefile
To: NetBSD Current-Users <current-users@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Brian D Chase <>
List: current-users
Date: 07/04/1997 22:04:54
This is under NetBSD/vax.  I've come across some problems with the
src/sys/arch/vax/boot directory and Makefile.

The first problem I came across was during the `make build' when the `make
includes' phase came to the vax/boot directory.  The `make includes'
errored out because no `includes' rule was present in the Makefile.

The second problem has to do with dependencies on the file `vers.o'.

The vers.o file is created on the fly as illustrated with this line from
the vax/boot Makefile:

 boot:   boot.o srt0.o devopen.o conf.o ${DEVS} libsvax.a ${SALIB} vers.o
         @date '+_vers: .globl _vers; .asciz ">> NetBSD/vax boot ver. \
 %y%m%d %H:%M <<"' | as -o vers.o

The problem occurs with vers.o being included in the line specifing the
targets which `boot' is dependant upon.  No rule exists in the Makefile 
for making `vers.o', so the make fails.


I worked around the above problems by inserting a dummy `includes' rule,
and by removing the references to vers.o in the rules for `boot',
`edlabel', and `copy'.

Brian D. Chase         Systems Coordinator
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