Subject: Re: X.21 anyone
To:, Jan-Hinrich Fessel <>
From: None <>
List: current-users
Date: 07/02/1997 00:54:01
> > Is there a way to connect a leased line that is delivered as X.21?
> > Are there any X.21 interfaces for any affordable Hardware available i.e, is 
> > there any card for the i396 that is supported by NetBSD?
> > And if not, is there a V.35 card anywhere that drives 2 Mbit?
> > 
> > And, is there any HDLC driver for serial/X.21/V.35 interfaces?  I must be able 
> > to speak to a cisco...
> Don't forget, the Cisco routers' implementation of HDLC is somewhat
> proprietary.  About the only thing that Cisco does in the "standard" way
> is to frame the packets...

Of course, any current cisco will do PPP, and at my last job
18 months ago at <A HREF=""> Computer
Protocol </A> in Malaysia, we had a dual X.21 card that ran
sync ppp on netbsd at the time that spoke to a cisco
perfectly well (used a cisco to debug the ppp driver against,
actually :-)  you could check and see if they still sell it.

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