Subject: Re: libcurses doing funky things...
To: None <>
From: Jeff Thieleke <>
List: current-users
Date: 07/01/1997 00:57:57
> As I send this, my mailer (mush) is in reverse video suddenly.
> When I run things through more, I also get things in reverse video after
> the initial page.
> was built from sources retrieved 6/28/97 and built
> the same day; timestamps are 6:15 97/6/29.
> [This applies to ALL libcurses.* files.]
> any input on this?  I did:
>         - rebuild sh, make, config, libc
>         - rebuild kernel
>         - install libc
>         - rebuild world
> What up, dogs?

If you are using an XTerm, the problem is that the xterm termcap entry was
recently changed to be more compatable with XFree86 3.3's version of
XTerm.  Unfortunately, as recently discussed on the mailing list, this
termcap entry does not work very well with X11R6.3 or earlier XTerms.  In
my hacked R6 XTerm, this results in reversed video in some curses

Try the 'xterm-r6' termcap entry and see if that fixes your reverse video

I was under the impression that the xterm termcap change was going to be
backed out, since it seems to work well *only* with XFree86 3.3's XTerm... 

Jeff Thieleke