Subject: Re: support for or experience of Fujitsu DynaMO drives?
To: Andrew Reilly <>
From: None < (MINOURA Makoto />
List: current-users
Date: 06/30/1997 15:06:32
|> In <>
|> Andrew Reilly <> wrote:

Andrew> Can anyone comment on whether the Fujitsu DynaMO
Andrew> magneto-optical 640M drives work with FreeBSD or NetBSD?

I am using Fujitsu's 640M mo drives with
  NetBSD/sparc (1.2E)
  NetBSD/i386 (1.2G)
  FreeBSD-2.2.2R (using od(4) driver)
boxes with no problem.

Andrew> The 640M capacity disks have 2k-byte sectors, though.  I
Andrew> know that most BSD filesystems make some pretty strong
Andrew> assumptions about the size of sectors, but wondered whether
Andrew> there were work-arounds in place.

As of NetBSD, please refer to the problem report kern/3790,
kern/3791, kern/3792 submitted by Koji Imada, and the resent
discussion on the tech-kern mailing list.

MINOURA, Makoto (Mr) <>
Integrated Networks Laboratory, Fujitsu Labs. Ltd., JAPAN