Subject: Re: Re: Re: [ADVISORY] ...
To: None <current-users@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Paul M. Newhouse <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/26/1997 16:26:14
> >   ... but where to store the keys...
> >
> >Clearly in order to prevent others from reading your keys
> >you should always store them in "Write Only Memory"
> #========= THIS IS THE JARGON FILE, VERSION 2.9.10, 01 JUL 1992 =========#
> ...
> :write-only memory: n. The obvious antonym to `read-only
>    memory'.  Out of frustration with the long and seemingly useless
>    chain of approvals required of component specifications, during
>    which no actual checking seemed to occur, an engineer at Signetics
>    once created a specification for a write-only memory and included
>    it with a bunch of other specifications to be approved.  This
>    inclusion came to the attention of Signetics {management} only
>    when regular customers started calling and asking for pricing
>    information.  Signetics published a corrected edition of the data
>    book and requested the return of the `erroneous' ones.  Later,
>    around 1974, Signetics bought a double-page spread in `Electronics'
>    magazine's April issue and used the spec as an April Fools' Day
>    joke.  Instead of the more conventional characteristic curves, the
>    25120 "fully encoded, 9046 x N, Random Access, write-only-memory"
>    data sheet included diagrams of "bit capacity vs. Temp.",
>    "Iff vs. Vff", "Number of pins remaining vs. number of socket
>    insertions", and "AQL vs. selling price".  The 25120 required a
>    6.3 VAC VFF supply, a +10V VCC, and VDD of 0V, +/- 2%.

Hmmmm, I hadn't noticed the 25120 (which is clearly stamped on the back)
before ... but, you're right.

> >PS - I have several simms that seem to have this characteristic
> >I'm willing to part with them.  *8^}
> if i fax you ten dollars, will you email them to me?  :]

Absolutely!  I understand e-mailed versions work even better than
the originals!! *8^}  I'm on the road right know but, as soon as I
get home I'll scan them in and get them right off to you.