Subject: Re: Optimisation flags
To: Michael Brandt <>
From: Andrew Brown <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/26/1997 19:07:56
>> Is there any reason that the optimisation level for the C compiler
>> is set to -O instead of -O2?  I've had a quick look back through the
>> mailing list archives, but couldn't find any discussion about this.  I
>> have vague memories of some problems with the 68k machines, but that's
>> about it...
>I currently compile the kernel as well as the rest of the distribution
>here at home with -O2 and an also home-compiled gcc I'm
>currently not sure wether the official NetBSD-current gcc is already
>at too; mine was 2.7.2. I wouldn't recommend using 2.7.2 with
>-O2 because it contains some well known errors in the optimizer --- at
>least for the 68k which I use.

it is indeed, as the file

will tell you.  :)

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