Subject: Re: WebNFS support added.
To: Frank van der Linden <>
From: Simon Burge <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/26/1997 10:46:27
On Wed, 25 Jun 1997 02:02:18 +0200 (MET DST)  Frank van der Linden wrote:

> IMPORTANT: since this change included extending the export_args
> structure and thus the mount structure in <sys//mount.h>, you should
> do 'make includes' in /usr/src/sys and then recompile /sbin/mount*
> before booting a new kernel, even if you're not using NFS at all.

I'm currently running "stable" kernels from about 3 days ago, and flakey
kernels from -current.  Am I hosed?  Do I need to keep two different
sets of mount* binaries?