Subject: Re: panic message ?
To: None <>
From: Dave Burgess <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/22/1997 12:48:01
> On Sat, 21 Jun 1997 15:25:03 +0100 (BST) 
> (Patrick Welche) wrote:
>  > I got the following on a not quite fully setup current-i386 system - it's
>  > close though... While supping sources
>  > 
>  > _Debugger(f8711200,fa484d90,f8154976,f81547d8,f81547b8) at _Debugger+0x4
>  > _panic(f81547d8,f81547b8,8180,41a21,f86e80d4) at _panic+0x46
> Ugh... unfortunately, you've left out the actual message... so I'm going
> to assume it was:
> 	ffs_valloc: dup alloc
> This happens when the mode bits on the inode aren't cleared for some reason,
> indicating that the inode is still allocated.
> I have heard of this when going from 1.2 -> current from a few people...
> I'm guessing that this is something that fsck is somehow missing...

I had between 4 and 10 spontaneous reboots after upgrading from 1.2E-DMA
(the bounce buffer test kernel) to 1.2G.  Every one of them was a dup
alloc error.  The last one was 1 day, 11:31 hours ago.  I didn't see any
pattern to it.  One thing I did notice was that the disk got REALLY busy
(like maybe writing a dump file to swap or locked in some disk-bound
deadly embrace??) for about 15 seconds, and then rebooted.

fsck finally fixed it, I think.

I upgraded to 1.2G programs when I did the last upgrade, so most of my
user-land stuff was still old (1.2C or D, maybe)

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