Subject: Re: Retrocomputing?
To: Don Lewis <>
From: David Jones <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/18/1997 21:21:28
Don Lewis wrote:
| } I'm not sure how to classify the big vaxen.
| It definitely wouldn't be frugal if you consider the cost of the power
| to run it (unless you live in a cold climate and have electric heat),
| or even the cost to move one of those beasts ;-)

I know someone who used to run 9 Fujitsu Eagle SMD drives on his Sun 3.
(The ones with the 14 inch platters.)   They draw 7 amps each.  He ran
the air conditioner in the winter.  Hydro was included in his rent. :-)

He has since disposed of the SMD drives and went SCSI.  He sold the
disks by the pound.  (50 cents/lb I think :-)

Check him out at