Subject: vm_fault on i386...
To: None <current-users@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Andrew K. Adams <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/18/1997 10:06:39
I have been running 1.2C on my PC for several months.  Recently, I
supped over 1.2G, compiled & installed a kernel and then proceeded to
build and install /usr/src/lib, however, the machine would reboot
shortly into the make.  I recompiled a GENERIC kernel with the
debugger enabled, only changing networking options and devices
(eg. GATEWAY, ed0).  This kernel produced the following output when
attempting to build and install /usr/src/lib:

root@wraith# vm_fault(0xf880d100,0,1,0) -> 5
kernal: page fault trap, code = 0
stopped at _pmap_changebit + 0x83: movl 0(%edx),%eax

My PC is a 386 w/16MB of RAM, Adaptec ISA SCSI controller, SMC ISA
10Mb NIC -- I use com0 for console (and I believe the "old" boot code)
and com1 for PPP dialup, which is running most of the time.  My 1.2C
kernel had BIOSEXTMEM=14964 set.  I have tried both setting and
un-setting this option in the 1.2G kernel (since I was unsure if the
new bounce buffer support was "auto-magic").

Any help would be appreciated.

Andrew Adams

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