Subject: Re: copyright issue
To: David W. Rankin <>
From: Segmentation Violation. Core dumped. <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/17/1997 22:27:49
For what it's worth, at this point, while there are legalistic aspects of
this license and copyright stuff here, I'm tempted to go the Rat's Ass
route (as in I don't give a) myself.

I do see how some people may perceive danger here, but in a way, it seems
a lot of hot air (no offense intended towards our illustrious Alpha

I would suggest, though, that if we're going to be totally retentive on
the issue, some wording might be tossed in such that should the
copyright/code ever change hands whether through sale, assumption,
deceasement or other transfer (initiated by the holder of the copyright),
the copyright in question would become null and void and the old NetBSD
copyright as well as any copyrights NOT held by the original holder
would remain in full force.

In short, if he dies and/or a hostile party acquires rights to pursue,
legally, the letter of the copyright, it would be unenforceable to a
hostile end.

Another way to handle it, and he could if he REALLY wanted to be a
pseudo-asshole about it (very hypothetical, no offense intended here,
either, Chris!), would be to extend implicit waivers to everyone
signed up on the NetBSD mailing lists at the time the code is modified.

Or he could say that "these parties, <list>, are explicitly denied use
of this code" and list the offending parties.

But I think this is going WAY far afield from what needs to be addressed.

I'm not about to lose any sleep over this, and if I find myself in the
position to re{sell,distribute} code and/or binaries, I'll probably
not lose any sleep on it then, either, as I don't ever intend to be in
a position which could cast aspersions upon the NetBSD project as a whole,
or its members.

And if any hostile party acquires the code and copyright and tries to
enforce it to the malign of the Free Software World, I'm sure the ghost
of CGD will hunt them down and kill them. :-)

Been there.  Done that.  Bought the T-shirt.  Destroyed the planet.  Left.