Subject: Re: Retrocomputing?
To: James Mitchell <>
From: Brian Hechinger <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/17/1997 22:53:56
James Mitchell drunkenly mumbled...
> I think frugality is a good term for it.  In my mind retrocomputing refers
> to software and hardware that is far enough out of date that the primary
> value of using it is the experience, rather than achieving a practical
> goal like serving users.  Running a 386-40 is frugal, running a

i agree totally here.  although frugal might not be the correct word, and also
keep in mind that what you consider frugal i would consider retro. :)

> Microvax II is, at least if recieved in the condition I received the one I
> played with, very much retro.   Even a Mac+, an ancient sun 2 ('tho I

i think that the MicrovaxII falls in that frugal/retro catigory.  i don't
think i'd call my Sun 2/120 frugal, definitely retro.

> haven't even seen one to judge) or an 8086 is simply frugality.  Running a
> Lisa/Mac XL (which is very similar to the Mac+ ) is retro.  Most anything
> not ~100% PC compatible before 1985-6 is retro.  Even the NeXTs have a
> certain retro appeal to me.   

so i guess my PDP-8 (1965, not PC) would be way retro then. :)


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