Subject: Re: single-interface IPNat box?
To: Paul M. Newhouse <>
From: Rafal Boni <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/17/1997 19:11:54
Yes, I believe it's a 50.
No, I can't use the NAT functionality.

This box is owned the ISP, and since the setup is intended to be a one-machine 
setup, they are not likely to let me play with it to enable NAT.

The real reason for this message was not for us to find a way to cheat the ISP, 
but rather because we were curious if it was possible to set all the machines 
up on one strand of ether and have the BSD box do NAT before forwarding on to 
the Ascend.


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From: "Paul M. Newhouse" <>, on 6/17/97 6:57 PM:

>Well, in this case, the "router to the outside net" is an Ascend ISDN router, 
>so it is needed to connect to the outside (I don't have a way to make the NAT 
>box -- a NetBSD machine -- speak ISDN).  I was hoping that rather than setting 
>up two ether segments (one shared between the NAT box and the Ascend and one 
>shared between the NAT box and the inside machine(s)) I could put all the 
>machines on one segment (it saves a hub and a NIC).

Is that a Pipe 50/75?  If so the new firmware 5.0 is supposed to do NAT.

Good luck,