Subject: Re: copyright questions
To: Jim Wise <>
From: Ted Lemon <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/13/1997 23:23:03
> Are you suggesting that it is feasible to make all distributors of
> NetBSD, or of any products derived in any way from NetBSD contact
> every developer who has contributed code to the Project?

I don't think that's necessary.   But it is necessary to read and
understand the copyrights on the source code that you are using, and
to give credit where it is due.   Ideally, the NetBSD Foundation
should be able to coordinate this, so that not everybody has to do it
individually.   But absent that support from TNF, yes, it is your
responsibility to make sure you follow the license on the software,
even if that means looking at the copyright on every source file that
you use.

> Right.  and that is why if we want people to be able to make and
> distribute products based on NetBSD, we need to make sure that it is
> feasible for them to get such permission.  If even a significant
> fraction of our contributors were to follow Chris's example, it would
> quickly cease to be feasible.

You already have permission.   You don't need to contact anybody.   No
code goes into the tree that does not meet this basic requirement.

If you are buying full-page ads in magazines, or printing CD-ROM
covers, and you need exceptions to the license, then perhaps you need
to contact a significant number of people.  This is true now, under
the BSD license.  Heck, there are files in the tree copyrighted by me
with the BSD license.  You probably ought to contact me if you use
them.   This is part of the cost of doing business.   There's no way
to avoid it.   This does not spell the death knell of the NetBSD