Subject: Re: copyright questions
To: Jim Wise <>
From: Jonathan Stone <jonathan@DSG.Stanford.EDU>
List: current-users
Date: 06/13/1997 21:14:44
>I have to disagree with this.  There is a very large difference between
>saying that Chris is ``trying to work against NetBSD'' (as _no_one_ here
>is suggesting), and saying that Chris's license terms are not in the
>best interest of the Project.

Oh, dear. I think this all comes down to a difference of language.

Phil Knaack *has* said that Chris's new copyright is hurting the
NetBSD project.  That is in the text I quoted.

It's ambiguous (perhaps, subject to different cultural and
even religious feelings) whether or not that means

   a) The license now used by Mr. Chris G. Demetriou
      Mr. Chris G. Demetriou is causing hurt to the NetBSD project,
      while Chris himself isn't. (This does not mean Chris is setting
	  out to do harm to the project by using the copyright.)

   b) Mr. Chris G. Demetriou is, personally, causing the NetBSD
      project through the use of his new license on code
      that is part of NetBSD.   (This does not mean Chris is setting
	  out to do harm to the project.)

   c) and d)
     (a) and (b) again, where Chris actually __intends__ or
     __is aware of__ any harm,  should (a) or (b) in fact be  true.

I think that maybe what happened was:

*  Phil Knaack was saying (a),  probably without intending (b),
   and *certainly* not meaing (c) or (d);

*  that some readers of Phil Knaack's messages, me amomng them,
   read the messages as quite cleary saying  (b), at the very least;

* much flamage ensued, including some where I intended to say
  Phil Knaack was  saying (b), but what I said was (quite reasonably)
  intepreted by Jim  Wise, as meaning (d) with malice;
  when I really only meant   to say (b), but that cgd might be
  aware of possible harm, but didn't care.

I __think__ everyone's on the same wavelength now: that the issue of
(a) or perhaps (b) possibly is of concern to a number of users.

Core is opting for `no harm', or at least minimal harm.

And nobody, absolutely nobody, is saying (c) or (d), or accusing
anyone else of saying so..

Now I hope we can all have a good weekend.