Subject: Re: copyright questions Re: copyright questions
To: Jonathan Stone <>
From: Phil Knaack <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/13/1997 23:03:26
Jonathan Stone wrote:

> [ .. Knaack was arguing that Chris was trying to hurt NetBSD .. ]

Phil Knaack writes:

>>        As I told Jonathan in private mail, this is categorically NOT true.

Jonathan Stone:

>I _thought_ I'd written ``almost so many words''. The ``almosst'' was
>missing.  I apologise, sincerely and without reservation, for that

>I also quote the following message from Phil Knaack.  I do not believe
>anything here is quoted out of context.  I think it says, _very
>clearly_ that Chris' copyright hurts the NetBSD project.

	I think I can see where one, in the heat of the moment, might
misinterpret what I wrote below in that matter.

I wrote:

>	However, I can't see how this copyright helps NetBSD.  This
>copyright is very good for Chris's benefit, yes.  But does that personal
>gain for Chris come at the Project's expense?

	I was acknowledging Chris's concerns about credit which he brought
up in his first response to (was it Tomas's message?) comments about his
new license.  What I was really hoping to convey in the second part was
that maybe various developers and users don't realize the possible 
(negative) side effects of that license which I saw as a threat.

	I did not mean to imply that the side effects I was perceiving were
intentional on Chris's part.

>	Chris deserves a lot of credit.  Chris has done a lot of very good
>work.  I hope that Chris continues to receive the credit that he deserves.

	By throwing this in I felt I could emphasize that I wasn't attacking
Chris personally, only his license.

Phillip F Knaack
Systems Administrator, Information Development for Extension Audiences (IDEA)
Iowa State University Extension