Subject: Re: copyright questions
To: Ted Lemon <>
From: Scott Ellis <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/13/1997 17:12:55
On Fri, Jun 13, 1997 at 04:31:00PM -0700, Ted Lemon wrote:
> > So, a company can either list 100 contributors in their ad, or contact
> > every member of core, port maintainers, 'important people', etc
> > and hope that they catch them on a good day, and get exempted from
> > the license?  Give me a break.
> Publishing companies do this whenever they publish anything that
> contains the works of others.  There's nothing unusual or difficult
> In the computer industry, we generally exercise a great deal less
> diligence, because the copyright terms and attributions on the
> licenses are much clearer, but to suggest that this sort of thing is
> unheard of or unreasonable is somewhat laughable.

I disagree.  I've obtained redistribution rights to video's (for
incorporation into promotional products, and for use as source
material for other projects), and have never had to go through every
single person who could possibly by associated with the product.

I call Turner, and ask for a tape containing 35 minutes of XYZ channels.
I work out the deal soley with Turner.  I do NOT have to contact
Fender because the guy is playing a song on a Fender guitar, and then
contact Hanna-Barberra because there is a picture of Yogi Bear on a 
poster in one scene.  Turner deals with all of these issues, and then
acts as my sole contact.

Anybody wishing to deal with NetBSD should be faced with a similar
situation.  If they abide by the NetBSD license agreement (let's
live in teh world of makebeleive), and negotiate everything with TNF,
that should be the END of it.  There should be no reason to deal with
every author in a collected work such as NetBSD.
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