Subject: strange error: netbsd -current or INND?
To: users current <current-users@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Tom T. Thai <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/13/1997 18:38:35
everytime I put a -current up and running, I slap INND on it to test it.. 
here is a strange error I got after I posted a test message from a remote 

this is via /var/log/messages
Jun 13 18:00:57 jupiter innd: localhost connected 16
Jun 13 18:00:57 jupiter innd: SERVER cant dbzstore Interrupted system call
Jun 13 18:00:57 jupiter innd: SERVER cant write history 
^^^^^^^^^^^those two lines

et> Interrupted system call
Jun 13 18:00:57 jupiter innd: localhost:16 closed seconds 0 accepted 0 
refused 0
 rejected 1
Jun 13 18:00:57 jupiter nnrpd[2985]: post ok
^^^^^^^^^^^seems like the post was ok though

Now I grep the INND1.5.1's FAQ

Subject: (5.4) Why does my innd often die with the message "Can't sync 
                interrupted system call"

Are you running SunOS?  See "Known Problems" section of the
installation manual."  To the best of my knowledge, nobody has seen
this problem on any other system.


and then the INND's install doc

SunOS4.1.1 has a bug where "write(2)" can return EINTR.  The most common 
symptom is the folloiwng fatal error message from innd:

	Can't sync history, interrupted system call

This is a Sun bug in 1052649.  It is fixed in patch 100293-01.

Another strange thing that is happening is when ever I reboot the system, 
/var/run/news directory just disappears and INND would not run. Here is 
the permission for /var/run/news

drwxrwxr-t  2 news  news    512 Jun 13 18:30 news

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