Subject: Re: My only post ever Re: copyright questions
To: None <current-users@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Brian Hechinger <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/13/1997 18:44:04
Greg Earle drunkenly mumbled...
> No, it isn't about copyrights, it's about ego and it's about trivia and it's
> about pointless wanking about nothing in particular.

my point was that this thread had nothing to do with this mailing list.

> The vast majority of the unread mail sitting in my ~/inbox in front of this
> message I'm replying to are current-users posts with a Subject: of
> "Re: copyright questions".  I'm going to delete them all without looking at
> any of them.  I don't see how any of it is relevant to the code that is
> "NetBSD-current" (hint: you can't compile it, since it's in a comment  (-: )

i've deleted 40+ unread messages from this group with the title of "Re: 
copyright questions" and only read this one because you changed the subject!!
i read the first 10 or so since i did find it interesting to start, but the
thread is now no longer a useful discussion, but rather a child's am too/are not
argument.  not only is it way off topic for this list, it has also become 
rather inane and useless.

> copyright == a tree
> lack of formal ATAPI CD-ROM support, lack of bootable CD-ROM == a forest


(not that i use either, but the point is valid)

> Doesn't anyone remember the last Usenix NetBSD BOF?

no, wasn't a part of that.

> Can you all take this to netbsd-copyright or netbsd-legalwranglings, please?!?
> Is it *really* necesssary to be argued here, in this forum?

i've been keeping my mouth shut since i am new to this particular list. (didn't
even catch the beginning of the offending thread) but i have to second you
thoughts here.  i've been real tempted to unsubscribe to this group since
90% of it is useless drivel about the copyright.  although that wouldn't make
me haooy since there are two posts in particular where i learned a whole lot
just by reading them, and i don't care to lose this source of information.

please take this elsewhere, if you want, i'll make a mailing list on my
machine for you guys to argue about this.


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