Subject: Re: copyright questions
To: Ted Lemon <>
From: Phil Knaack <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/13/1997 13:42:33
>> With the advent of this clause in licenses, anyone wishing to use
>> NetBSD for commercial purposes will be in for an interesting ride.
>> Perhaps I develop a CDROM of NetBSD, or an embedded OS, or a "lite"
>> server based on NetBSD.  I decide to buy a full page ad in a
>> magazine that I feel will reach my target market.  After coming up
>> with a nifty ad that spells out how my product is the best, I realize
>> I need to add some text to comply with the license.  So now I need to
>> put something in my ad:

>> 	This product includes software developed by
>> 	Christopher G. Demetriou for the NetBSD Project.

>There are plenty of companies using NetBSD in commercial products
>right now, and so far I can safely say that at least one (Vixie
>Enterprises) completely sympathises with Chris and doesn't mind
>jumping through some extra hoops to deal with this issue.   Another,
>Digital, is Chris's employer.   I think you should come up with an
>example of a commercial entity that is *actually* harmed by this
>license before you start making claims as to such harm.

	This is OK until Chris decides some company or organization has
pissed him off and he just reinterprets the license and sues them for
not emblazoning his name above the name of the software being marketed.

	An exaggeration, but only slight.  Who knows what people on
power trips will do.

Phillip F Knaack
Systems Administrator, Information Development for Extension Audiences (IDEA)
Iowa State University Extension