Subject: Re: copyright questions
To: Jason Thorpe <>
From: Phil Knaack <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/13/1997 08:05:15
>On Thu, 12 Jun 1997 20:14:35 -0500 
> "Phil Knaack" <> wrote:

> > 	Of course, I see from looking at that 
> > quite a lot of credit is given to him for OpenBSD/alpha, in fact very
> > little is given to anyone else.

>...until very recently (after a case involving a snafu with some
>NetBSD/alpha toolchain code), Chris was not mentioned on the OpenBSD/alpha
>www page.

	Until very recently, OpenBSD's alpha port wasn't even active --
none of the developers even HAD alphas to work on.

	The fact remains that the credit is there now.

>But, it might not just be the Alpha port that Chris is talking about.
>I wonder how many of the things listed on OpenBSD's "how we're different
>from other *BSDs" www page came from importing NetBSD sources.

	Well of course, there's always the flip side of the coin -- what
sort of things in that list come from the work of OpenBSD developers? If
OpenBSD got things from NetBSD, well then, they wouldn't really be
"different," now, would they?

	But really, this discussion isn't *about* OpenBSD.

	Or is it?

Phillip F Knaack
Systems Administrator, Information Development for Extension Audiences (IDEA)
Iowa State University Extension