Subject: 'othersrc/cvs' doesn't install
To: current-users <current-users@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Hauke Fath <hauke@Espresso.Rhein-Neckar.DE>
List: current-users
Date: 06/09/1997 21:35:05

can anyone out there enlighten me on why the NetBSD-distributed CVS doesn't
install cleanly (contrary to the 'vanilla' version)?

hauke:/usr/src/othersrc/cvs # make install
making all in lib
making all in zlib
making all in src
making all in man
making all in doc
making all in contrib
making all in tools
making all in windows-NT
making all in os2
making all in macintosh
making all in vms
cd doc && make AR='ar'  CC='gcc'  CFLAGS='-g -O'  LDFLAGS=''  LIBPROGS=''
'-lcrypt'  MAKE='make'  MAKEINFO='makeinfo'  RANLIB='ranlib'
'  YACC='yacc'  bindir='/usr/local/bin'  infodir='/usr/local/info'
/local/lib'  mandir='/usr/local/man'  prefix='/usr/local'
al' install-info || exit 1
if [ ! -f ./CVSvn.texi ]; then  ln -s ./CVSvn.texi . ||  ln ./CVSvn.texi .
||  c
p ./CVSvn.texi . ; else true; fi
makeinfo ./cvs.texinfo -o
makeinfo: not found
*** Error code 1

*** Error code 1

hauke:/usr/src/othersrc/cvs #

-- It very much looks like the NetBSD people are not overly fond of the GNU
info stuff. Nor am I; but even 'texinfo' documentation is better than none
at all. Although tools like cvs, rcs, uucp, gcc, gas are 'in principle'
included in the NetBSD distribution, you have to download the vanilla
versions to get hold of satisfactory documentation. Kind of annoying,

Comments, anyone?


"It's never straight up and down"     (DEVO)