Subject: Re: creating CDROMs (fwd)
To: None <,>
From: Joerg Schilling <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/08/1997 20:07:24
>I've got a cdrom writer that works on an NT box but the stupid software
>doesn't have any long filename support which makes it essentially
>worthless to me.
>Is it possible to make the writer work under NetBSD/i386? I've looked
>at the mkisofs/cdwrite code but I thought I'd ask before trying to port

Do not try to port cdwrite, it'd dead! Try to port cdrecord instead.
Cdrecord has a layered design and should be easy to port.
It took me 4 hours to port it from Solaris to Linux.

Cdrecord supports more writers and is multi-session.

Cdrecord is on:
Makefiles is on:

You need to copy the files RULES/*netbsd* from the latest 
beta of makefiles to cdrecord and then will be able to compile

Have a look at the file PORTING.

You should also have a look at the programs star, sdd and sformat
all of them will compile on netbsd if the RULES directory containes
rules for netbsd or you copy the apropriate files from the latest 
makefiles beta. (only copy the the files from RULES and include/mconfig.h)

Star is the fastest tar implementation on UNIX with many interesting
features such as a user taylorable dirr option and a fifo to keep the tape

Sdd is a very interesting dd repacement.

Sformat is the most interesting SCSI disk formatting/analyse/repair utility.
Sformat will run if you port cdrecord.