Subject: Re: NetBSD advocacy at work.
To: Dave Burgess <>
From: Michael L. VanLoon -- <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/06/1997 23:59:33
I won't comment on the whole article, because there are some very good
things in there.  However, I need to correct one piece of

>hardware architecture will operate.  NT on the Alpha was once expected to 
>be the foothold of multiplatform support in the marketplace.  With Microsoft's
>abandonment of the Alpha, the only real contenders for the multiplatform 
>support are Linux (with three platforms supported) and NetBSD (with 22).

The Microsoft/Digital alliance is as strong as ever.  DEC has a very
real committment (read money and people) invested in NT, and has
expressed sincere support for it many times.  Microsoft has never
publicly or privately done anything to abandon the Alpha.  In fact,
some Alpha servers were obvious parts of Microsoft's Scalability Day
in New York, recently.

As for the PowerPC and MIPS versions of NT.  Well, let's put it
bluntly: they were pathetic marketing losses.  At least Digital isn't
losing money on NT.

Two platforms may not be a lot.  And it's a helluva lot less than
NetBSD supports.  But, to be pedantic, two is still "multi". :-)

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