Subject: NFS serving problems on a new system...
To: None <current-users@NetBSD.ORG>
From: the Riz <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/03/1997 21:55:18
I've just put together a new system (Pentium-133 with an SMC EtherPower
10/100 ethernet), and installed -current as of sunday (june 1st) on it.
After playing around to get things working (I had a bad SIMM), I've
discovered that directories exported via NFS can't be read from the
mounting machine!  I've checked the obvious (/etc/exports), but I copied it
almost verbatim from a working (running 1.2B) nfs-server, changing only the
filesystem mounted.

"beast" is the new system, running 1.2E, and "melvin" is a preexisting
system running 1.2.   Here's beast's /etc/exports: 

... then, on melvin:

melvin# mount beast:/work2 /mnt
melvin# ls /mnt
ls: /mnt: Permission denied
melvin# ls /
ls: mnt: Permission denied
ls: work2: Permission denied
.commonutils    dev/            install*        onetbsd*        usr/
.cshrc          dos/            kern/           root/           var/
.instutils      etc/            mnt2/           sbin/           work/
.profile        extra/          netbsd*         stand/
altroot/        generic         netbsd.cya*     sys@
bin/            home/           netbsd.generic  tmp/

meanwhile, showmount on beast shows that it is mounted:

beast# showmount   
Hosts on localhost:

Anyone have any ideas what I did wrong? 


Jeff Rizzo