Subject: Re: Build System Changes Backed Out
To: None <>
From: maximum entropy <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/01/1997 20:23:12
>From: (Andrew Brown)
>>unless the new scheme builds the toolchain first and uses the
>>just-build toolchain to build everything (including the toolchain
>>again), that isn't really true.  It's certainly not true with DESTDIR
>>builds right now.
>it's a little of topic, but...statements like this always remind me of
>that (possibly apocryphal) story about dennis ritchie and the c

It's not too apocryphal.  The only apocryphal part is that for some
reason dmr always seems to get "blamed" for this, but Thompson did (or
at least claims to have done) the actual implementation.

See this URL for Thompson's description of this amazing hack:

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