Subject: Re: Build System Changes Backed Out
To: Ted Lemon <>
From: Greg Hudson <>
List: current-users
Date: 05/31/1997 18:38:25
> That's a shame.  Are you sure we can't just work through the
> problems?  This is definitely the direction the build should be
> going.

I have to apologize for not speaking up sooner, but I'm not entirely
sure I agree.  The advantage of the build system changes seemed to be
that you could build against include files and libraries in the build
tree, but you can already build against include files and libraries in
an install directory, so I don't see what the great added value is.

What I'm really interested in seeing is being able to build out of a
read-only stock source tree without having to touch the source tree at
all to say where the build directory is.  I had some changes to make
this happen a while ago (you would do something like "make buildtree
BUILDDIR=/var/obj" from the source directory and then build out of the
build tree), but I ran into a bug in make (which has been fixed) and
then a couple of other complications, and haven't looked at it
carefully since then.