Subject: Re: ncr0 on NetBSD/i386 AMD P133 Symbios Atlas UltraWide
To: Davyd Norris <>
From: Jason Thorpe <>
List: current-users
Date: 05/29/1997 20:07:32
On Fri, 30 May 1997 12:53:28 +1000 
 Davyd Norris <> wrote:

 > I am in the process of trying to replace my NCR with a QLogic but I
 > first have to get a kernel that does not give me supervisor mode panics
 > when I boot from it. There was something on this a while back - do I
 > have to upgrade any userland stuff before I can get a new kernel
 > running? If I do, will I still be able to boot the old kernel?

	(a) Can you elaborate on the panics?  Lots of details :-)
	    Then maybe someone can help get them fixed :-)

	(b) Rule of thumb - always install a new kernel before
	    installing new binaries... might have new system
	    call interfaces, etc.  And, once you've updated
	    your binaries, backing down your kernel is not
	    really an option.

 > To try and get around this, I am trying to make a set of floppies with
 > the latest stuff on it but I am running out of space on the inst floppy
 > image - any ideas? Is it as simple as typing make in the floppies
 > directory or am I an idiot?

...No, those (i386 distrib) tools are currently known to be broken.
There are some improved tools for i386 waiting in the wings... I'm
hoping they'll be in the tree in the next couple of weeks.  FWIW,
an i386 binary snapshot is being built right now... watch port-i386.

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