Subject: Re: ncr driver working well with 53c875?
To: Stefan Esser <>
From: Dave Huang <>
List: current-users
Date: 05/28/1997 21:06:43
I'd like to thank everyone for their replies, btw :)

On Tue, 27 May 1997, Stefan Esser wrote:
> I have heard, that ASUS uses yet another SCSI BIOS of their
> own, not SDMS, but don't really know ...

I don't actually know either, but from looking at their BIOS/driver
updates, I get the impression that ASUS does use the Symbios SDMS.
Anyone with an SC875 wish to confirm/deny? :)

> My typical setup is internal WIDE and external 8bit drives,
> but nearly all l875 based cards come with an external WIDE 
> connector. Tyan seems to have build cards with internal WIDE
> SCSI and an external high density SCSI II connector (non-WIDE),
> and I definitely will try to get such a card, next time ...

I don't currently have any external devices, but if I ever get any,
they'll probably be narrow. I've already got an ASUS SC200 (53c810) that
I'm planning on keeping though, so I'll just use that for external
things...  BTW, the Diamond FirePort 40 is another 875-based card with an
external narrow connector.

> Be sure to check out which SCSI cables are supplied with the 
> SCSI card, when comparing prices. An internal WIDE SCSI cable 
> may cost an additional $50, if you buy it seperately.

Yeah, wide cables seem to be quite expensive :( Does the Tekram's wide
cable have enough connectors for two drives? (i.e. at least three
connectors total). If it's only a single drive cable, I'll have to get
another cable anyways...

Thanks for the info! :)
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