Subject: Re: kvm_pa2off
To: Greg Wohletz <greg@duke.CS.UNLV.EDU>
From: Scott Reynolds <scottr@Plexus.COM>
List: current-users
Date: 05/27/1997 16:03:04
On Tue, 27 May 1997, Greg Wohletz wrote:

> What's the story with libkvm in -current. The kvm_pa2off routine does
> not appear to be defined for i386.  As a result I can't link against that
> library successfully.

libkvm is used by alpha, amiga, atari, hp300, mac68k, mvme68k, pc532,
sparc, sun3, sun3x, and powerpc ports; libkvm.old is used by the others,
including i386.  I expect this will be addressed someday by someone more
familiar with those ports, but until then, there's no particularly
pressing need to do so.

> Meanwhile ps linked with the library generated from
> the libkvm.old directory yields:
> 	ps: proc size mismatch (25920 total, 644 chunks)
> as does the 1.2.1 binary.  Is this stuff in a transitional state or
> have i done something dumb?
> The kernel identifies itself as:
> NetBSD 1.2E (UNLVfs) #0: Mon May 19 12:47:13 PDT 1997

Don't mix-and-match kernels and kvm-using binaries.  You will need to both
install the -current includes (cd /usr/src; make includes) and build and
install a new libkvm.old before building/using the -current ps(1).