Subject: Re: ncr driver working well with 53c875?
To: Joerg Wunsch <>
From: Stefan Esser <>
List: current-users
Date: 05/27/1997 13:13:08
On May 27, J Wunsch <> wrote:
> Anyway, with HP, all bets are off, no doubt.  They are a dinosaur.
> But Tekram has even contributed the SCSI driver to FreeBSD, so it
> might not be in vain asking them to fix this.  The BIOS should not try
> to justify the feasibility of an MBR, it should just load and execute
> it.

Well, the Tekram complains about the MBR, but eventually
(after too long a delay) proceeds with the values it did
just wine about ...

> Stefan, do you have a connection to Tekram?

No, not really. I know the mail address of some developer
there, and had planned to send him the fixes I applied to
the AMD SCSI driver (the low-end Tekram cards use the AMD
chip, but share most of the driver code).

> I think BSD/OS employs a similar mode like FreeBSD's dedicated mode if
> you tell them to occupy the entire disk.  They don't even pretend to
> fake an fdisk table at all (while FreeBSD does it out of tradition).

Maybe the controller is less worried when it does not see
any MBR, than when it finds one with values it does not 
like ... :)

Regards, STefan