Subject: Re: /var/mail vs /var/spool/mail
To: Kevin P. Neal <>
From: Michael K. Sanders <>
List: current-users
Date: 05/22/1997 17:29:29
Though it may not answer all your questions, take a look at the
hier(7) man page...

In message <>, "Kevin P. Neal" w
>Why is user email stored in /var/mail instead of /var/spool/mail?
>What is the purpose of /var/spool? When machines are news servers, where
>does the news go /var/spool/news?
>It seems like spool is meant to be considerably larger than /var, so why
>is mail stored by default on /var/? 
>Anybody feel like explaining exactly what "spool" means, anyway? 
>Just wondering. 
>And while I'm here: Why do so many Unix installations that will never ever
>use UUCP still come default with uucppublic drwxrwxrwx? Isn't that just
>asking for abuse?
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