Subject: Re: com problem with -current
To: Mark Boyns <>
From: Jukka Marin <>
List: current-users
Date: 05/22/1997 08:48:57
On Wed, May 21, 1997 at 10:43:58PM -0700, Mark Boyns wrote:
> I resurrected an old 386, installed a 16550 (com2) and 3Com 3C509,
> installed NetBSD 1.2.1 and started using it as a ppp server.  I then
> decided to try -current to fix silo overflow problems.  With -current,
> whenever the modem tries to answer, the getty on com2 somehow makes
> the send/receive lights go solid and the phone is never answered.

Sounds a bit like having the modem set to echo and verbose result codes.
When the modem sends "RING" or something else to NetBSD, NetBSD echoes
it all back, and the modem echoes it back to NetBSD, which echoes it
back to modem....

At least, this is one way of creating the problem you're seeing. :)



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