Subject: Re: Diskless boot using BOOTP
To: None <>
From: Koji Imada - je4owb/2 <>
List: current-users
Date: 05/21/1997 15:56:44
>>>>> "|" == Gordon W Ross <> writes:

 |> There was another thing holding back a BOOTP version of nfs_boot.c:
 |> The network stack used to make it difficult to send and receive UDP
 |> packets when you do not yet have an interface address.  I'm not sure
 |> if this is still a problem.  (have not looked lately)

Yes. This is still a problem. I have experimented to use bootp for
diskless boot on 1.2R(i386). I have used bpf to send/receive bootp
packet with slight modification(bpf does not seem to be designed to be
used in kernel).

Anyway, network interface code and protocol stack needs some
modification to use bootp/dhcp. It can't be used without appropriate
address now. 

	1. can't send udp packet without IP address.
	2. can't receive udp packet without IP address.

Although i have used bpf to send/receive bootp packet, it may be much
more easy if IP protocol stack is available.
Koji Imada - je4owb/2