Subject: Hey, netatalk is nifty! :) (plus a question 'bout it)
To: None <current-users@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Dave Huang <>
List: current-users
Date: 05/17/1997 15:50:20
I added netatalk to my kernel and compiled the userland stuff, and it
works great! My thanks to those who ported it :)

atalkd is kinda slow to start up though... is that normal, or do I have
something misconfigured? Here's what I get in my log file:

May 17 06:23:21 sloth atalkd[167]: restart (1.4b2)
May 17 06:23:24 sloth atalkd[167]: zip_getnetinfo for ed0
May 17 06:23:41 sloth last message repeated 2 times
May 17 06:23:51 sloth atalkd[167]: as_timer configured ed0 phase 2 from seed
May 17 06:23:54 sloth atalkd[167]: zip_getnetinfo for ed1
May 17 06:24:01 sloth last message repeated 2 times
May 17 06:24:11 sloth atalkd[167]: as_timer configured ed1 phase 2 from seed
May 17 06:24:11 sloth atalkd[167]: ready 0/0/0

And here's my atalkd.conf:
ed0 -seed -phase 2 -net 1 -addr 1.1 -zone "Metonymous Systems"
ed1 -seed -phase 2 -net 2 -addr 2.1 -zone "Metonymous Systems"

Another machine (not a router) says:
May 17 06:24:47 dahan atalkd[203]: restart (1.4b2)
May 17 06:24:49 dahan atalkd[203]: zip_getnetinfo for ep0
May 17 06:24:49 dahan atalkd[203]: zip gnireply from 1.1 (ep0 12)
May 17 06:24:52 dahan atalkd[203]: zip_packet configured ep0 from 1.1
May 17 06:25:00 dahan atalkd[203]: rtmp_packet gateway 1.1 up
May 17 06:25:17 dahan atalkd[203]: ready 0/0/0

and the atalkd.conf:
ep0 -phase 2 -net 1 -addr 1.127 -zone "Metonymous Systems"

It's not too big of a deal, but it is mildly annoying waiting 30 seconds
to a minute for atalkd to start up when the rest of the daemons start in
just a few seconds :) (I rarely reboot the router, but I do reboot the
other machine often, switching between NetBSD and Windows NT)

sloth is a 80386-25, 4MB RAM, ed0 is a NE2000 clone, ed1 is a 3Com
Etherlink II.
dahan is a Pentium 100, 48MB RAM, ep0 is a 3Com 3c595.

Both machines are running May 16 NetBSD-current.

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