Subject: Re: EIDE -> SCSI adapter
To: Peter Seebach <>
From: John F. Woods <>
List: current-users
Date: 05/17/1997 13:34:12
> In a lot of cases,  I don't *care* about performance.  I need a new
> drive for a 68030 based Amiga.  In practice, this SCSI-1 based
> machine will never clear a couple megs a second under any circumstances,
> but it desperately needs more space.  I could buy it more space than
> it currently has for $100 or $150 if I could attach an IDE drive;
> I currently can't *find* cheap SCSI drives anywhere, in any size,
> so I'm being forced to cannibalize old hardware.

Corporate Systems Center ( usually has cheap reconditioned
SCSI drives (though even they seem to be focussing more on high-end stuff
now).  If you're REAL desparate, I have an Apple 80MB drive I could send
you ;-).

> A SCSI controller that controlled one or two IDE drives as LUN's would
> be worth a lot of money to me.

You might actually be able to take a 386 Single Board Computer and program
one.  It would be overkill, but an elegant one-off design might cost more
in single-quantity parts than a mass-produced SBC would...  (Hmm, I don't
know if there are any mass-produced SBCs that would have both IDE and SCSI.)