Subject: Re: KerberosIV setup instructions?
To: Monroe Williams <>
From: Andrew Brown <>
List: current-users
Date: 05/15/1997 14:40:58
>Does anyone have a usable beginners' guide to setting up a KerberosIV 
>server (i.e. the one in the 'domestic' part of the tree)?  I'm not sure 
>how to set up the various databases and users, and the man pages in the 
>tree don't seem to have any info about administration, just end-user docs.  
>A few web searches only came up with pages about Kerberos 5, which is
>different enough that it only confused me further. has info about where the
kerb4 source comes from, and that (the source) would (i hope) have
more documentation about setting it up.  there are also books (scarce,
but they're there.

  unix security a practical tutorial (pub. mcgraw hill, author derek arnold)

has a bit iirc (been i while since i read it) and there's another book
i got on "internet security" (buzzword!) that has a chapter or two on
setting it up and administering it.

>I don't really care about Kerberos specifically, but I'd like to have some
>way to telnet to my machine without sending cleartext passwords across
>the internet, and the telnet clients I use have Kerberos support already.

use skey?  or ssh?  i do...  :)

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