Subject: Re: mail(1) feature set...
To: James.Graham@Schwab.COM (Graham, James), <>
From: James R Grinter <>
List: current-users
Date: 05/10/1997 21:44:13
In article <> James.Graham@Schwab.COM (Graham, James) writes:
> > I'm thinking of adding '|' to the mailer...
> Forget it.  Go get mush version 7.2.5, unless you need MIME
> compliance, and even then I wonder...

(whereupon you can use 'pipe').

However, has anyone both successfully built mush under NetBSD *and*
then got it working reliably? (quite a bit of work, bearing in mind the
curses and old-bsd behaviour reliance)

Ever since NetBSD 1.1, my various binaries (including one that was
built under NetBSD 0.9, thus statically linked) have had a habit of
crashing out whilst sending emails and in an editor (the mush process
gets to a state where it will crash as soon as you exit vi). It also
sometimes exits after receiving an EOF from 'nowhere'.

Now, it could be a mush bug, but it seems odd that I've only
encountered this under NetBSD. (I've set reply-to and added
netbsd-users, as it's not a specific to current thing)