Subject: Re: RealAudio 3.0
To: None <>
From: Lennart Augustsson <>
List: current-users
Date: 05/05/1997 09:41:57
The audio driver for the SB is rather buggy at the moment, so
I'm not really surprised that you failed.

> What is the difference between /dev/audio and /dev/sound?  Which should be
> used for /emul/freebsd/dev/dsp and /emul/linux/dev/dsp?  Oh, BTW, I have
> an old SoundBlaster pro (dsp 3.02) on an i386.
/dev/audio resets to 8kHz, mono, ulaw on open, /dev/sound keeps
its old settings.  Off hand, I don't know what the semantics of
/dev/dsp is, but raplayer sets the audio encoding itself so it
doesn't matter.

>    381 raplayer CALL  ioctl(0x5,_IOWR('P',0x9,0x4),0xf7bfd32c)
>    381 raplayer RET   ioctl -1 errno 22 Invalid argument
This is harmless, but it will be fixed in the near future.

>    381 raplayer CALL  ioctl(0x6,_IOR('M',0xfe,0x4),0xf7bfd34c)
>    381 raplayer RET   ioctl -1 errno 22 Invalid argument
This should work, I'll have a look and see what could be wrong.

> It appears to be stuck in an ioctl: 
>    254 raplayer CALL  ioctl(0x5,_IO('P',0x1,0),0)
Yes, this is the where the driver waits for the output queue to
drain.  If anything goes wrong and the queue never seems to get
empty it has a 30 s emergency timeout.  This is what's happening
to you.

> Anyway, what is the status of the OSS audio (and soundblaster audio in
> general)?  Has anyone had better success with the linux version than I?
> Any success with the FreeBSD one (I'm using the statically linked one BTW).
I've run both the FreeBSD and Linux version sucessfully, but this
was a little while ago.
As I said earlier, the SB driver is in a sorry state right now.
I have a working version, but it cannot be integrated into
current until some other kernel changes have happened.

        -- Lennart