Subject: Re: No packets come out of my 3c509
To: Robert Manchek <>
From: Perry E. Metzger <>
List: current-users
Date: 05/02/1997 16:42:18
Robert Manchek writes:
> I've got a question about netbsd and my ether board if anyone can help...
> I boot with the kcadp (1.2.1) and inst floppies, and I'm in single-user
> mode.  The kernel found my 3c509 (TPO) during probe.  Now:  I can
> ifconfig ep0 up,

Have you set the media properly after doing this? see the man page for
the right combination of link flags -- I *think* its link0 link1.

> and the machine can ping itself, but when I try to
> ping something else, just on the local net, no packets come out (this
> from watching the lights on the hub).
> I realize there are other ways of continuing the installation, but I'm
> just curious as I've seen this happen twice now with different
> machines, 3c509s, etc.  *Does* the kernel on the boot floppy have all
> the drivers or do I need to install a real kernel before continuing?
> Seems like if probe can identify it, the rest should work.
> I found the DOS config util for the 3c509 and poked around with that,
> turned off PnP, etc.  No effect.  This ether board and machine do work
> fine w/ Linux and others.
> I'd appreciate any hints.  Thanks!
> -b
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