Subject: Mail AutoResponder: here's the info you requested
To: None <,>
From: Steven E Lumos <slumos@cotton.Egr.UNLV.EDU>
List: current-users
Date: 05/01/1997 22:54:20
The following was sent in reply to my response to commercial
advertisements posted to the mailing list
Telco Communications, this serves as your notice that I am boycotting
your company due to the rudeness and questionable ethics of your
employee, Jason Young.  This is also notice to HLC - Internet (and
Epoch Networks Inc.) that one of your customers is posting UCE's to
mailing lists that obviously have nothing to do with their products.
Obviously, Cyberpromo thinks they can claim to offer removal, and post
their crap to mailing lists instead.  Customers of Cyberpromo should
take note that replying to an autoresponder and tracking down your
customers for the purpose of complaining is not much more work than
"clicking delete".

cc to current-users in case anybody else wants to take note of the
domains involved.  The provider for Telco Communications is

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Subject: here's the info you requested


Thank you for your inquiry about 9.9 cent per minute Interstate Long
Distance services.

You can begin saving money on your phone bill each month by signing up for
the new Long Distance program offered by Telco Communications.

Telco is one of the ten largest Long Distance carriers in the nation,
currently serving nearly three-million customers.  I am an independent
sales agent for this carrier.

Recieve up to 1000 FREE MINUTES OF LONG DISTANCE for signing up.  In your
second full month of service you would recieve a rebate for the number of
minutes equalling the number of dollars spent on Interstate Long Distance
calling during your first full month's billing.  (i.e., X dollars of usage
during the first month entitles you to recieve a rebate for the cost of X
minutes, up to 1000 minutes).

Telco features:

*100% Digital Fiber Optic Network

*9.9 cents per minute Interstate rate (state-to-state), coast-to-coast

*Flat rate, 24 hours a day/7 days a week

*In-state rates vary state-by-state  -see chart below

*No monthly service charges for Outbound calling

*Same low rates apply for Inbound Toll Free calls

*Service charge of $3 per month if your business has a Toll Free number

*No minimum calling volume required

*No term commitment or contract required

*No start-up fees

*18 second minumum charge per call, with 6 second rounding

*Telco customer service available 24 hours a day/7 days a week

*This program is available to businesses located within the continental U.S.

*Home-based businesses (and higher-volume residential accounts) also qualify

*This is NOT a "Multi Level Marketing" (MLM) situation

*No pre-payment, or special equipment required, just standard 1+ dialing

For calling within your own state, the following In-states rates apply:

..........( C e n t s   P e r   M i n u t e )...........

AL...07     AZ...14*    AR...14*    CA...07     CO...17*
CT...10     DE...08     DC...08     FL...11     GA...07
ID...12     IL...08     IN...12     IA...12     KS...12
KY...09     LA...10     ME...45*    MD...11     MA...09
MI...09     MN...12     MS...09     MO...09     MT...13*
NE...15*    NV...08     NH...14*    NJ...10     NM...16*
NY...13*    NC...15*    ND...18*    OH...09     OK...12
OR...10     PA...10     RI...14*    SC...14*    SD...09
TN...14*    TX...16*    UT...11     VT...13*    VA...15*
WA...12     WV...19*    WI...16*    WY...16*

Note: Callers located in the states which are marked with the "*" have two
options when placing In-state calls.  One option would reduce your cost.

 1) When using the standard 1+ dialing (no access code), your In-state cost
    per minute would be the rate which appears above.
 2) Rather than using the standard 1+ dialing, you may use a 5-digit access
    code which would be provided to you. When you use the access code, your
    per-minute cost would be reduced substantially (generally to 11.9 cents
    per minute in most of these "*" states).  Using the access code is
    simple.  You can easily pre-program it into any phone that has a speed-
    dial function.  (You never need to dial an access code when calling
    out-of-state.  Your out-of-state rates are always 9.9 cents per
    minute using the standard 1+ dialing).

Again, if you are located in one of the states which is NOT marked with an
"*" in the chart, you would never need to use any access code, just the
standard 1+ dialing.

Sorry if that was a bit long-winded :-)

Signing up is quick and easy.  I would fax or mail you an application.  You
sign and fax it back.  It generally takes about ten days to activate a new

If you are currently under contract with another Long Distance carrier, but
would rather save money with this program, you may be able to
legitimately terminate your existing contract.  If you'd like, I can
discuss this possibility with you.

Also available, under a separate program:
* 16-cent-per-minute phone cards with NO per-call surcharges, or monthly
  service charges.   Billing is based on an 18 second minimum per call,
  with 6 second rounding.  You are billed monthly only for the actual usage.
  No pre-payment required.

* Dedicated T-1 Access available for as low as 5.75 cents per minute.

* Highly competitive International rates.

* Personalized "vanity" toll free 888 numbers that spell out a word,
  phrase or name of your choice (first-come, first-serve basis).

* Special Long Distance programs for associations.  *Substantial* rebates
  are paid back to the association!

* Generous finder's fees are paid to individuals who refer new
  customers for our 9.9 cent Long Distance program.

* Our web site will be available shortly.


*** If you'd like more info or would like to recieve an application to
sign up, please REPLY now to  and include your name
and phone number, along with the best time for me to call you.  If you
include your fax number I can also fax you some additional printed info
and an application if you'd like.

I thank you very much for your interest!

Jason Young

P.S  REPLY now to so you can start saving money soon.
Plus recieve up to 1000 FREE MINUTES!

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