Subject: Re: NetBSD C library source and documentation in hypertext (HTML) format.
To: Tomi Ollila <>
From: David Brownlee <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/30/1997 18:18:02
	This is really rather nice :)

	Would it be possible to use something like this on the NetBSD

	Some misc thoughts...
		Indexing all the man pages in /usr/src.
		Installing the formatted pages into $DESTDIR/...
		Making #include statements links to include files.


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On Wed, 30 Apr 1997, Tomi Ollila wrote:

> Hi all
> We have written tools to generate HTML pages from C source and [gtn]roff
> (andoc) formatted documents. The system has been implemented (and tested)
> to be used w/ C library stuff (src/lib/libc in source tree), but should
> work with other libraries as well. IHMO these tools does pretty good job.
> These pages include:
>   Hypertext links from documentation to function implementation and 
>   vice versa.
>   Source files patched (named original  + `.html') to contain hypertext
>   cross-reference links/info, put into comments so the files are still 
>   compilable.
>   Other stuff I don't remember now ;)
> Known problems:
>   Hypertext link generation does not check manual page numbers
>   (i.e. sysctl(3) and sysctl(8) links points to the same page).
>   this is easy to fix.
>   mandoc2html.perl is a quick hack (this was a school assigment),
>   and it was fun to create. It does only `andoc', not `an'. Some
>   [gtn]roff wizard should take a look of it (take the useful parts
>   to totally new parser).  Anyway, even in this current state, the
>   output is pretty good in most cases.
> I'd like to know if you encounter problems not mentioned here.
> Check out the whole application, with all tools included to
> regenerate it at:
> `'
> Tomi Ollila