Subject: Re: dic^Hskless booting (again)
To: None <>
From: mike smith <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/29/1997 10:05:05
Grey Wolf wrote:
> On the server, I have:
> rarpd le0
> rpc.bootparamd
> mountd -r
> nfsd -tun 4
> running.
> I have several problems:
> 1)  First, even with an ethernet address
>     in the ethers file, rarpd does not properly advertise ethernet
>     addresses.  Output from arp -a gives me
> ( at (incomplete)
>     even though /etc/ethers explicitly contains:
> 8:0:20:2:d3:f6
>     I have to kill rarpd and do arp -s 8:0:20:2:d3:f6
>     in order for arp to work properly, after which I must restart
>     rarpd le0.

       By default, a request is honored only if the server (i.e.,
       the host that rarpd is running on) can "boot" the  target;
       that  is,  a  file  or  directory matching the glob /tftp-
       boot/ipaddr* exists, where ipaddr is the target IP address
       in hex.  For example, the IP address will be
       replied  to   if   any   of   /tftpboot/CCD81B12,   /tftp-
       boot/CCD81B12.SUN3,   or   /tftpboot/CCD81B12-boot  exist.
       This requirement can be overridden with the -s  flag  (see

Try 'rarpd -vvas'

I can't answer the rest of your questions, but at least this
might help a little.  
> >                                 --*greywolf;

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