Subject: Re: Why is ifconfig.ae0 better than hostname.ae0?
To: None <>
From: Andrew Brown <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/15/1997 14:41:28
>> >Parsing begins to become a serious pain.
>> are inet addresses no longer going to be assigned this way?  isn't
>> netstart supposed to be able to read the ifconfig.### files anyway?
>> doens't it "implicitly" know how to parse the file?
> works by having netstart do "ifconfig foo `cat`"
>That isn't parsing by any normal use of the term.

wow.  i guess it's been too long since i looked at netstart.  yes,
you are correct.  it doesn't even pretend to know what's in them
anymore.  hmm...

but for lines beginning "inet", wouldn't the next term always be the
address?  even if all sorts of other stuff was in there too?  my box
at home has

   inet garden link0 link1

(it's 1.2 because upgrading over ppp bites! :) and i can appreciate
the new syntax, but i still think it's a good guess.

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